The only thing better than our food is our authentic restaurant customer service!

About Honolulu Grill

About Honolulu Grill
Greetings from the islands – Aloha from Hawaii, Talofa from Samoa, Malo E Lelei from Tonga, Kia Ora from New Zealand, Ia Orana from Tahiti, Bula Vinaka from Fiji, Ka Oha from Marquesas, and Iorana from Rapa Nui. The Honolulu Grill is an authentic restaurant that has everything from imported Hawaiian Sun Fruit Drinks, Shave Ice, Musubi, Laulau, Loco Moco, and a variety of Marinated BBQ Meats just to name a few.

Our Hawaiian BBQ takes ethnic influences straight from the islands and blends them with exclusive ingredients to create an island flare to leave you in awe. All of our dishes at this authentic restaurant represent our culture and lifestyle blended to perfection for your enjoyment. Our owners Don and Joan Crichton have made huge efforts to instill cultural integrity in our businesses and it shines through in our island ways and pure hospitality.

How It All Started

We moved to Provo in January 1998 to help my brother and his family, manage and operate their business for a year before moving to St. George. Upon relocating to St. George, we realized there was a great interest in Polynesian foods. In fact, we were asked to cater a wedding for a friend in our church and it just started from there.

Word got out and people would call us for caterings and the demand grew for our services. After a short time catering, and with the demand of customers to get the food on a daily basis, we started to plan and look for a location to start this venture. Since our inception September 5, 2000 we are gaining momentum and great response from our local community and other states which have reflected in our growth in sales each year.

This is a niche that has been untapped for much too long and could be very profitable with proper funding to provide an opportunity to scale and promote and market the Honolulu Grill concept statewide and nationwide.

In talking to various people in the community, the response was very positive because everyones tired of the same old menus. With the diversity St. George is experiencing, people have become more adventurous and are ready to try different things, they want a new taste especially with the idea of Hawaii and the South Pacific, the islands promote itself, especially Hawaii and the thought of a Luau gathering.